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How are we all doing?! I hope that you are all doing nothing short of AMAZING!!!! 

So this week wow there are so many things I want to tell you all about. So first I want to tell you all about some of our investigators. The first one his name is Gary and he is 61. He is just the sweetest old man and he will do whatever God wants him to. He is one of the most faithful people I have ever met. His baptism is December 19th. We are teaching him the Word Of Wisdom this week so I am just praying he doesn't have a problem with it so he can be baptized on that date.He is seriously the coolest guy I cannot even begin to explain the love I have for him and all the people here in Mt. Pleasant.

The next one I want to tell you all about is Michael. This is not miracle Michael from last week.  Michael is 27 years old and has a problem with the Word of Wisdom. He really wants to be baptized though and you can feel that he does. But because he hasn't stopped drinking and smoking we had to change his baptism date and we let him choose the date he wants to be baptized and he chose February 6th he said that is when he really thinks he can cut out everything. So if you can keep Michael in your prayers that would be amazing!

The next one I want to talk about is Denise.....oh Denise hahaha that women has caused me one too many headaches. But I love her. She is a chain smoker she started at smoking 2 packs a day and now is down to only 6 cigarettes which is AMAZING progress! But she is very passionate about things that we cant change I guess? Her prayers make me laugh she always says "Dear Father God" and Sister E and I have to just giggle. She is one of the most giving ladies that I have ever met though! Wow she truly is so amazing! She has a strong faith but its frustrating because sometimes the things she says like don't make sense and they aren't teachings from the church so that's kinda a battle but she is great hahaha she has one date but we have to change hers as well due to the smoking!

Everyone here in Michigan claims to have visions so that's interesting. But great all the people here are wonderful!
So two cool things that happened this week. The first one is we were going to an appointment with this lady Mary and she cancelled so we were standing on the sidewalk and Sister E was kinda stressed and I was just looking around and saw this family of three raking leaves in their front yard (there are thousands of leaves in Michigan) and I said to Sister E "We need to go help that family rake their leaves" and we go over there. It's fun, we are talking with them and we do a few other service things with them and then just end up teaching the Plan of Salvation and that was so awesome.

We ended up teaching them a lesson on Saturday and that went really well we got the Mom AND the two other daughters on baptism date which is so cool!!! Then this was awesome right after the lesson we get a phone call from a number we don't know and we say hello and he asks if its someone that it wasn't because he had the wrong number (but God gave him the right number (; ) then we say "Well we are actually missionaries." and he goes "Yea I can just feel your energy right now!" and we are both like laughing like what is happening hahaha then he says "I truly feel like you have my best interest at heart!" and we are like yea we do! hahaha and we asked him if he would like to learn more and meet with us and he said yes I'd love to! So yea that was another awesome thing that happened hahaha.

I also had a meal in a trailer in a trailer park and that was different hahaha but so great at the same time the mans name is Brother B it was way cool.

I am loving it here just remember to keep our investigators in your prayers! I know they can use them! Also read the Book of Mormon I know that it is truly the word of God! I want to challenge all of you to read it! I have seen it change peoples lives! I love every single one of you! Keep writing me I love to hear from you all it is such a blessing for me to hear from you!!!!

Remember everything works out in the end and if it doesn't work out its not the end!! I love you all! Until next Monday :)

Love, Sister Wilde

After church Sister M saw they were walking (about an hour walk from the church to their apartment) 
and offered them a ride in her cop car.  You can guess how grateful they were! :)

Raking the many leaves in Michigan, service brings blessings!

Yep, it is already cold in Michigan!

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