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HOLLA! I am about to get out of here!  I honestly cannot even begin to explain how pumped I am to go to Michigan!  Words cannot explain the joy that I am feeling right now to escape this spiritual prison! haha (but it is all good)

So, I have been asked a few questions about how the classes work and how the lessons work too, sooo here we go I will explain to you! Here is how my days go...

Everyday here is about the same.  You wake up at like 6 then 7 to 7:45 you do district study then go to breakfast until 8:15 then until about 9:30 we do our TRC investigators.  Some of them are members and some of them aren't members but no one knows so you still teach them like they have no idea what the gospel is. That's really fun. Then after that we have class until 12:30, then it is lunch until 1:15, class until 4:15 then gym from then to 5:15 (we usually go play volleyball then we do dinner from 5:45 to 6:30.  After dinner we study as a district and individually and with your companion until 9:30 then 10:15 to 10:30 is quiet time then we go to sleep haha so my life is "super exciting" as you can see!

The next question was what do we learn in our classes. Haha and that is a pretty broad question. The basics of what we are learning is how to teach the lessons and what to teach. We teach The Restoration, The Plan Of Salvation (which i get a little nervous to teach because it is such a deep concept but if you teach it simply is actually makes a lot of sense) then you teach The Gospel Of Jesus Christ. And depending on the needs of your investigators the lessons can change and the spirit can say "nope you aren't going to teach that today even though that is what you prepared for you are going to teach this instead." Which that is just so wonderful when that happens (hahaha sarcasm). But it is actually really cool when you are prepared how much God takes control of the lesson. Then of course you teach Chastity, Word of Wisdom, and Tithing. But what I bet you didn't know is that we are "highly encouraged" to invite people to baptism in the FIRST LESSON!!!!! Isn't that crazy? it is just another testament that this church is true and that everything is truly inspired form God!!!

We taught this investigator Sydney and we invited her to baptism three times she never committed but each time she came closer to Christ which was way cool to see!

Sorry I am running out of time I don't have any super funny stories for you all this week sadly :( but I do have some pretty funny pictures that you all will be able to see- they are quite awesome!

I leave to Michigan in the morning! And when I say morning I mean 4:30 A.M!!  So that is fun hahahaha!  But keep writing me I love you all so much! Again I can feel all of your prayers all the time!  And literally I need to hear about all of your lives it makes me so happy!

Really quick I just want to say that if ANY OF YOU are questioning going on a mission I STRONGLY suggest you go. People need to hear this gospel. It changes peoples lives and people need to feel hope they need to know that their lives can get better so just go serve a mission!  In the short two weeks I have been here I have learned more than I learned in 13 years of school. There is nothing more important in this world than The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints. A mission isn't easy but the spirit that you feel all the time and the Christlike love that you grow for every person you come in contact with makes it all worth it in the end!!!

Again I love you all more than you know, my heart grows bigger each day. Remember to keep all the missionaries in the mission field in your prayers because I know that they all can use them! The next time you get my email I will be PREACHING IT UP IN MICHIGAN!! Ahh so excited!

I love you all, you're all amazing and I can feel your spirits even if we are far away!! More stories to come, I love you!!!!!

Love, Sister Wilde!!!!!

Dressing up for Halloween in the MTC?  Switch name tags with the Elders of course!
Sister Wilde and Sister Trent, MTC Companions
Elder Whipple and Elder Woolfenden
The famous laundry room

MTC District she loves
The Sisters in her Zone
One cool district!
Caught by surprise!
MTC Zone

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