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I hope you all are doing well! I love hearing from all of you and I hope you all keep writing me so I can know what is going on in your lives and so that I can know if any of you need anything!! :)

So this week I actually made a list so that I could remember everything!

Okay so first I want to tell you about one of our investigators. She is her own person let me tell ya! But I love her!!! So this week I learned what a "Holy Roller" is. For those of you who do not know what a "Holy Roller" is someone who believes in the "Gift of Tongues" and that isn't like being able to speak a different language, it is like speaking straight gibberish. And so many people outside of Utah think that it is real thing. I didn't know that our investigator thought this was a thing either, until we were in Relief Society and I am hearing something that isn't words and its like confusing and I don't know.. haha. So, that is something we have to work on with her and teach her how to pray correctly and why "the gift of tongues" as she knows it is not a thing. So if ANY OF YOU have advice on how to teach someone how to pray that would be awesome!

Oh yes ALSO this was so cool! We have a less active member that we teach and we keep inviting her to church and every time we do she says - you know I am too tired, or I need to do this, I need to do that, and so we always invite but don't expect her to be there. Then at church on Sunday, Sister Ensign and I spoke and I'm leaning over saying something to her and I just stop mid sentence and I see this less active sister walk in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were freaking out and so excited!!!! She said to us that on her way to church she slipped on ice and was about to turn around and go home but she just felt like she needed to be at church that day! And it was so awesome!!! AHHH!! I loved it. I am telling you guys, exact obedience brings miracles, it truly does!!!!!

Then we have Mr. Armstrong. He is just the coolest 61 year old man. I love him. He is our investigator that is the closest to getting baptized. Like his date is set in stone and he is ready to enter the waters of baptism! We taught him Chastity and The Word of Wisdom this week and that was a little scary. When you teach those things it is so rare that someone doesn't have a problem with one of them but he always says "If that's what God wants me to do I'm going to do it." HE IS THE COOLEST!!!!!!!!!

I got my first legitimate door slammed in face yesterday, it was great.  I said "Hi, we are your missionaries..." and she said "No you're not", slammed the door and I started busting up laughing and just was like "okay it's only your salvation ;) " Sister Ensign was worried I was going to cry or something, but I just smiled.

There are a few less actives and investigators that can just use your prayers right now for the strength to overcome whatever is stopping them from certain things. I know that you all are praying for them and I appreciate it so much and I know they can feel your prayers as well!!!:)

So I had my first FALL in Michigan I actually lasted A LOT longer then I thought it would. Haha!  I just slipped on ice, haha - gracefully of course ;)

The other day was the first snow! And on the first snow all of our appointments cancelled so we went out and door knocked for about 5 hours in the snow!  It actually was so fun. There were so many times that I thought "I should be so miserable right now" but I wasn't, I was just loving it so much. The only bummer was we knocked for all that time and we talked to about 38 people but only got one phone number. But it was still good!

I just am so amazed at how often people look so familiar to me. It feels like I knew them in the pre-earth life and they told me I had to come find them. Or like even the members I feel like they told me that when I got to Michigan they were going to take care of me. It is just so amazing and I love them all.

I love my companion too!  We get along so good and she is just so great!

I want to share one quote with you all: "Those who set aside the bottle of bitterness and lift instead the goblet of gratitude can find a purifying drink of healing peace and understanding."

In honor of Thanksgiving I hope that we all can do this this week and even after. Remember the things that we are grateful for! I know one thing I am grateful for is ALL OF YOU!!! 

I can feel your prayers all of the time! You are all so amazing and I love everyone of you!!!! Keep writing me it makes my Mondays so happy!! I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!!

Love, Sister Wilde
Celebrating ONE MONTH of her mission completed!
Sister Wilde and Sister Ensign - The Dream Team in Mount Pleasant!
 First Snow - First Month
  Cute and CLEAN apartment! :)
And one pic to remind us that she is still that Alyssa we love so much!  
Always delivering smiles! :)

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