Monday, December 21, 2015



So this weeks email will probably be shorter because nothing that cool happened this week!  We door knocked A LOT, well like two days, but it felt like that is all we did was great though!

I wish I had more cool stuff to tell you all about! Since its like the week before Christmas we haven't really taught a lot just knocked on doors and visited people, it has been way fun!

Today is extra special though because it is my.....TWO MONTHS MARK!!!!!!!!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!!:)

I am so happy, it is great! I love meeting all of the people her in the big MP!!!! I wish that you all could meet the members here they are so amazing! They make me feel so at home and they give us so much and serve us so much they are amazing!

One cool thing that happened this week was - we knocked on this old woman's door and she opens and is like "Are you soliciting?" and I said "No we are actually sharing a message about Jesus Christ and how we can feel His love this Christmas season." and she is like "Oh! Well come in!:)"  So we go in and she just feeds us all of these cookies and lets us hang out with her for a good 20 minutes! Haha! That was so fun and she was a sweetheart. Wasn't really interested in being a Mormon but was still so cool!:)

That's about it for this week but I have some pictures for you all!:)  I also will share a quote Sister Ensign shared with me this week and I really like it.

Stick to your task, till it sticks to you
Beginners are many, 
But enders are few,
Honor Power Place and Praise,
Come in time of him that stays.

Stick to your task, till it sticks to you,
Bend at it, Sweat at it, Smile at it too
For out of the bend, the sweat, and the smile
Will come life victories after a while!

I have loved this and I hope you all do too!!! I love you all so so so so so much! I hope that you all just have such a Merry Christmas and remember to read Luke 2!!!:::))) 

Love, Sister Wilde

Sister Wilde with Sister Sheldon, one of the first people Alyssa had the opportunity to teach.  
She loves her.

Cold Michigan Day

A beautiful Michigan Day -- She says it is still colder than it looks :) 

Sister Wilde with one of her favorite little boys in the ward.

Getting prepped to go out in the cold

Cheering on her Broncos :)

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