Monday, January 25, 2016


Hello Everyone,

Yes, so the top is correct I am going to be training for the next two transfers!!! Ahhh! I have only been a missionary for 12 weeks myself! HAHA! I cannot even begin to express how excited and grateful I am to teach a to a new missionary! I am even more excited to follow the Spirit in this whole process of teaching someone how to be a missionary! I cannot wait to rely on the spirit now more than ever! I love being a missionary and I am going to love training! 

So another Sister from the mission will be coming to serve with me in Mt. Pleasant until Wednesday, and then on Thursday morning we will drive down to Lansing to pick up our TRAINEES!!!!!!!!!!! 

Sister Ensign has been called to be a Sister Training Leader up in Petosky! That is as close to the U.P. that they send Sisters! So that will be really fun for her, and I am happy for her! Although it is really sad to part ways with her, she will be amazing!

So when you are called to be an S.T.L you get your transfer calls the night before everyone else! And I didn't know that. So on Thursday night we were daily planning and the phone rings and she says...,"It is President." So she answers and he tells us our callings and we both were so excited, it was so fun! 

I just want to know who my new SISTA is! I have been praying for her for many weeks so I am so pumped to meet her! MT PLEASANT IS WHERE IT IS AT!!!!! She is so lucky to get to meet all of the people here, it will be amazing!

My challenge for you all this week listen to the promptings of the spirit! That is something that as missionaries you are constantly doing, ALL THE TIME! Whether that be in a lesson or on the street you constantly have to be listening to the spirit! I hope as you all go about your week this week you remember that! I know that as you do so you will get answers to questions you have and you will receive guidance in your everyday lives!

I love you all very much and hope you are all doing FANTASTIC!! I love you all and will talk to you soon!!

Love, Sister Wilde

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