Monday, January 18, 2016

:) Hello Everyone

Note:  Sister Wilde is very excited - on Thursday she gets to travel and go to the Detroit Temple.  She is taking a family name with her.  I am sure it will be a wonderful day! xo Darcey


Man these emails I never know what to say in them. Haha! 

If I am honest I don't really remember this week at all haha! We talked to so many and met so many that my mind just draws a blank each time I go to write these emails. But I will share one really cool thing that happened this week!

I have been praying for a while now to just see something amazing! I mean as a missionary you see miracles everyday! But I just wanted to find someone that has really been in need of this message.

So we went door knocking (like we do every day) and this girl opens the door. She is 19 years old and she has seen A LOT of tragedy in her life. She has had a lot of terrible things happen to her in her short 19 years of life! But I have never met anyone more prepared by the Lord to receive this message!
I love being a missionary so much!! :) Finding these people that need the gospel is amazing!
We ended up teaching her and putting her on baptism date in that lesson! Mt. Pleasant is doing amazing! Our area is great!
My challenge this week for all of you is to say one Thankful prayer to God everyday! And don't ask for anything in this one prayer but just thank him for everything he has given you!!:) It will make the difference in your week I promise!!:)
I love you all so so much! I will talk to you next Monday!


Surviving the FRIGID TEMPS :)

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