Monday, February 1, 2016



WOAH.....That is my only word for this week is woah...

As I said in my last email I am a trainer...yea I know, what were they thinking right?

I just got out of my training a little while ago so it is great. It is a little crazy but I love every minute of it. For anyone that is wondering, no I have not cried yet...I have however almost cried about 3 times but I just make myself laugh really hard, hahaha and then everything is great! I love being a missionary though so I have nothing to cry about!! I am on the Lords errand! And I love it so much!

Not a lot to report about this week! But I got my TRAINEE on Thursday! Her name is Sister Burk and she is from Arizona, but the mountain part so she gets snow. But, I know that it is nothing like the great state of Michigan snow!;) She is great, she makes me laugh haha, so it is pretty fun!

One cool thing that we did this week was we went up to Lake Isabella to Door Knock and NO ONE was answering the door. I was mad that no one was answering so I was like forget this, there are people ice fishing on the lake! So we are going on the frozen lake to PC (personal contact) these people ice fishing! So we went and Sister Burk was soo scared haha I could not stop laughing! There was a pretty good crack right down the center of the ice which was fun hahah but we got 3 phone numbers which was awesome!:) 

Then this guy was not having our message, he was not interested all! But I was like "Hey would it be okay if I took a picture with all of your ice fishing stuff?" and he was like "YES THAT IS GREAT!" So there are some pictures of me "ice fishing" - I was being a fisher of men. ;)

Then last night we were talking to some other missionaries who said that we aren't allowed to do that, which I didn't know that was a rule. But I can't help but think that maybe those three people really needed our message! It was such a fun day!:) 

This week I want you all to read Mormon 9!! I read it the other morning and it is such a good chapter of The Book of Mormon! I love the Book of Mormon it truly is the "BOM" Haha sorry lame joke... but it is great and I want you all to know that for yourselves!!! I love you all so so so so so much!!:) I hope you are doing amazing!

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

Love, Sister Wilde


Sister Wilde and Elder Lundell - Representing LONE PEAK in Michigan!

Sister Wilde with her new companion, Sister Burk

Sister Wilde with some of her favorites in Michigan!


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