Monday, February 8, 2016

Hey Everyone!

Hey, hey everyone!

So this week was so busy, I really can hardly remember any of it. But I do have a story..

So we go out and are working all day. We go to a members home to have dinner and the member is giving us a ride home and I am going to get the house key out of my bag and I can't exactly find it and I said "Sister Burk, do you have the key?" and she goes "No you always have it.." so at this point I'm like... "Oh okayIi just must not have looked hard enough...." WRONG!!!! I cannot find the key anywhere... haha so yea, I finally come to the conclusion that I locked us out of the apartment...

So, Sister Burk isn't wearing a coat and we are both so cold and I was like we will just go over to the senior couple's apartment..(who live right across the street) and ask them for help. So Elder Donahoe goes and tries to get in with a credit card which of course doesn't work because it would've been just good luck right? hah so we ended up having to call the emergency number to have some guy come and unlock our apartment and sure enough....where are the keys....

I look up the stairs and they are hanging right there on the little hook.. haha so yea the Lord tested me this week that is FOR SURE!!!!  But opposition is good! haha It was just one more thing, but I am still happy and smiling. It is all good and know why...? Because I am still a missionary, I love it and there is nothing quite like it!!!

Challenge for this week just be grateful for your opposition because there is absolutely nothing you can do about it sometimes. You just need to choose to be happy and smile to God and thank him for the opposition and let the challenges make you stronger!!:)

I love you all so so so much! I hope you all have a spectacular week!!!:::)))

Love, Sister Wilde

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